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The seasonal shift marks the expansion of N-R's spring collection of textile birdies.  Popular with urban hipsters, indie boys & girls as well as grannies and kids too, these sweet winged creatures all have their own personalities.  Made by combining fragments of felt, suede, vintage textiles and decorative accents (lace, beads), all bird brooches and hair pins are 100% one of a kind and they're light enough to send inside a card by regular post ($10 - $19 each).

Each Nathalie-Roze accessory is the spawn of N-R's creative mojo and made by her very own crafty fingers.  Using fresh combinations of various recycled, vintage and hand-treated fabrics as well as unusual beads, trims and found objects, N-R's textile accessories are quirky-sweet and loved by women who seek out the unusual. And, these limited edition lovelies (including her top-selling sashes, hats and roze brooches) are all accessibly priced with most items priced under $50.

N-R's funky sashes are all one-of-a-kind, adorned with her signature roze detail and a luscious ribbon, silk scarf or men's tie closure. And, they're extremely flattering and versatile too - sexy worn on the hip over jeans or fashion-forward wrapped around the waist (just under the bustline), especially fab over a fitted blazer.

Choose from a rich index of colours and fabric combos, including plenty of velvets, tweeds, denim, raw silk and cashmere for Fall/Winter.

Prices: $29 - $49

The raw-edged textile "roze", has become her signature and adorns many of N-R's key pieces. It's a symbolic fusion of opposites...innocence and lust, a hyper-feminine icon fashioned in rugged, typically masculine materials - equal parts punk and pretty.

Recently, Nathalie-Roze has revisited ceramics (an old fave from her art school daze) - specifically experimenting with clay jewellery. She's designed a caspusle collection of hand-built ceramic rings, pendants, brooches, hair clips and magnets that have been very well received by various stylistas.

Prices: $7 - $45

Nathalie-Roze makes several different styles of hats - all adorned with her textile rozes or other handcrafted appliques, but her poor-boy caps and toques are especially popular.

Prices: $24 - $46

N-R also designs one-off rings, cuffs and chokers as well as unique tops and skirts embellished with handcrafted appliques, denim yoga bags, funky totes, plus scarves, a tiny series of wearables for hip kidlets and a few cool surprises every season.

These days, N-R's obsessed with sewing her own bird appliques on almost everything.

Prices: $9 - $49

Check out N-R's new limited edition gift sets - mix & match a super-long scarf in one of several snuggly & stylish fabrics with the textile roze brooch of your choice.

The Nathalie-Roze accessories fempire presents…

A little bit Sex & the City, a tad British eccentric and totally funky-sweet.
And, for under $25 this versatile beauty offers major fashion mileage.


  • A punch of colour on your fave jacket or top
  • Fashion forward on your belt loop, hip or waistband
  • Cute clipped to your purse strap
  • A feminine accent in your hair (especially an up-do)
  • Funky pinned on an otherwise simple hat
Prices: $12 - $25


"VIRAGO" - (it means 'woman warrior' or 'heroine' in Latin) a highly individualistic collection of copper & steel wire-work and leather jewellery, incorporating semi-precious stones and found objects, which aims to communicate strength and beauty. Each piece is inspired by and named after a different phenomenal woman from pop culture, history, myth and beyond.

The collection includes pendants, rings, cuffs, earrings, etc.

Prices: $19 - $39

"Highlights from the 'Virago' collection...
all pieces inspired by phenomenal women from pop culture, history, myth & beyond."

PJ Harvey choker

Athena cuff

Miranda ring

bell hooks earrings

Yoko pendant

Lilith ring