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Eco-Friendly Clothing

No matter what age we are, there are always a few vital necessities that we cannot live without. The most important of those are obviously food and water. However, on a more superficial level, something that we just cannot live without is clothing. We will always need something to put on when we go outside, and more importantly we will always need a variety of clothes depending on the social situation. And even for the most frugal of us, there will always be a need to replace clothing that we either outgrow, or that simply falls apart after multiple uses (and multiple washes).

And while the type of clothing that someone wears is almost always dictated by their own personal style preferences, there is one particular type of clothing that is well-suited for those who are environmentally conscious. I am of course talking about eco-friendly clothing.

Now most people can accurately describe eco-friendly clothing as clothing that is good for the environment, which is 100% correct. However, not a lot of people actually know what that entails. What eco-friendly clothing is all about is the overall process of making the clothes and doing so in a way that does the least harm to the environment as possible.

The biggest component to eco-friendly clothing is the material that they are made of.  Eco-friendly clothing is made with eco-friendly materials (naturally!), such as hemp or organic cotton. In addition, the dyes that create the various colors on that piece of clothing should be vegetable-based, rather than dyes made out of manmade chemicals.

To a secondary degree, eco-friendly clothing also encompasses the people who make the clothing as well (although this is not always the case depending on how each supplier defines the term “eco-friendly”). For example, the clothing ideally should not be made using child labor, or the working conditions of the people who do create the clothing should be of a certain humane standard. But again, the main emphasis on “eco-friendly” has to do with clothing itself and how it affects the environment as a whole.

While this sort of distinction may not be important to you personally, keep in mind that we live in a world that is constantly talking about climate change, which is in essence a discussion about how our behavior as humans is adversely affecting the environment. There are plenty of people who truly care about climate change and the environment as a whole, and it is these people who would sincerely appreciate the gift of eco-friendly clothing.

And best of all is the fact that you can literally get them any sort of clothing, while still being eco-friendly. So if they are in need of a new blouse, then finding one that is eco-friendly is thoughtful on two distinct levels – because they actually need and can use that piece of clothing, and because you bought it with their concern for the environment in mind.

So if you are stuck trying to think of something thoughtful to get your family member or friend, think about whether they are environmentally conscious. If so, then going for an eco-friendly piece of clothing can be a great gift that will not just be useful, but thoughtful as well!